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How To Prepare For Your Challenge

Fundraising Challenges are by their very nature designed to challenge you!

You need to commit to train hard in order to do your best on the trip. It's impossible to describe how disappointing it is for people who have not succeeded in their challenge through lack of training. Make sure you enjoy this experience of a lifetime to the utmost by preparing for it!

We recommend you sign up 6-12 months before departure so there is plenty of time to improve your fitness and raise sponsorship! Our trips do fill, so make sure your place is guaranteed before you put all the effort into your preparation.

A Personal Challenge

Taking part is all about achieving your personal challenge - whatever your age, fitness and experience. Some people will be disappointed if they don't feel fighting fit every day, others will be very happy just to see our camp/hotel each night!

Don't expect everyone on the trip to have the same standard of fitness as you, but everyone will have their own personal challenge to meet!

If you have any disabilities and would like to take part in one of our challenges, please contact our offices on 01722 718444 before completing the registration form. It is extremely important that we make the necessary arrangements where possible, for your safety and enjoyment of our challenge events.

Go At Your Own Pace!

At Discover Adventure we think it's really important that you feel free to go at your own pace. We each have a natural pace; if you have trekked or cycled a lot, you will know how difficult and frustrating it is to go faster or slower than you feel comfortable.

The high number of leaders and support crew we employ on our trips means that our groups don't have to stay together, but you don't have to worry about getting lost either! We design and run our trips with your safety always as top priority.

When you are finding it tough, just remember that it's not a race! You have done a lot of hard work just to get here - so we want you to enjoy yourself! Chat to the rest of your group, take lots of photos, soak up the incredible scenery. Think of the charity you are supporting, or your own personal reasons for taking up such an incredible challenge, and treasure every moment of this experience.

Training Guide

We will send you a full training guide when you sign up. This provides you with a helpful step-by-step guide to getting fit for your challenge, whatever your current state of fitness.

Do make time to train. It sounds obvious but it does make a massive difference! Find out about our specially-designed Training Weekends.

What Makes It Challenging?

It's not just about getting up the hills! There are other aspects to the trip which you may find challenging: more basic toilets or washing facilities than you are used to; being away from your family in a strange country and culture; eating food you're not used to; simply being in a large group with little privacy for many days.

If you find something really tough one day, someone else will be struggling too. You're all in it together, and encouraging each other creates a very supportive group atmosphere – and some of the best memories of your trip together.

The weather can have a huge impact on your challenge. Although we choose our dates carefully to maximise the chance of good weather, there is always the possibility of rain, strong winds and extremes of temperature.

Having good kit can make a real difference to your personal safety in extreme weather. We provide you with a detailed kit list and are always on hand to advise you. Good kit doesn't necessarily have to be expensive, but you do need to be well-prepared.

See the Equipment section on our Useful Links page for discounts our customers are entitled to.

Everything you find hard adds to your wonderful sense of achievement! Remember that everyone else in the group will be going through the same thing and there are many long-lasting friendships made through the experience!