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Fundraising Advice & Information

Raising large amounts of money for charity can seem daunting, but with a positive attitude, some imagination and a healthy dose of determination, the money will start mounting up in no time!

Remember that your charity will have highly-experienced fundraising staff, so do talk to them if you are finding it hard-going or need direction.  Most charities are also able to give you sponsorship forms, collection tins, T-shirts, etc.

Download our Fundraising Hints and Tips for some useful ideas and our Sample Press Release for you to promote your fundraising.

There are plenty of other helpful websites – one example is through the Institute of Fundraising .

Top Tips:

  • Plan ahead: fundraising can be time-consuming.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask!
  • Explain what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.
  • Try to get pledged money from people immediately (your charity needs the majority of your funds in advance, before it pays your tour cost)
  • Ask people to gift-aid their donations.
  • Involve local media.

The Minimum Fundraising Target: how to explain it to your sponsors

  • Some of your funds raised go to cover your tour costs. (If you’re paying your own costs, tell people!)
  • The charity keeps at least 50%. We price our trips consistently to ensure this.
  • Your charity only pays your tour cost once you have raised the minimum amount: there is NO risk to your charity.
  • Airlines etc don’t give their services for free. You’re also travelling with a professional company trusted by your charity to ensure you are pushing your limits in a safe environment.
  • Your charity keeps 100% of any money you raise over the target.

Worried some people might think they are sponsoring your holiday?

  • Your trip has been designed to be challenging: you know you will struggle at times. This is not a holiday!
  • You won’t be doing much sight-seeing: it’s all about the physical activity! And you won’t get lie-ins either!
  • You’ll be exercising for long days in all weathers. You can’t miss a day if it rains!
  • If you don’t often camp / go without your personal comforts / get up early, point that out! Many people will sponsor you for that alone!
  • Fundraising itself is hard work … so is the fitness training.
  • Not everyone can afford to pay their own costs: charities would miss out on £millions if that was the only option.
  • Charities can’t just rely on donations – a trip like yours motivates people to raise far more than they would donate.

Online Giving Websites

The best way to start fundraising, this is an incredibly useful way to spread the word to friends, family and colleagues.Having your own web-page is an easy way to let people know what you’re doing. Your sponsors can donate to your charity online and gift-aid their donations. You can also link to social networking sites.

What is Gift Aid?

Tax relief which allows charities to claim back tax on donations made by UK tax-payers: extra money at no extra cost to the donor.

4b. JG websmallDiscover Adventure is partnered with JustGiving, the UK’s leading online fundraising website, to help you raise more money for charity.

JustGiving is the World’s largest community of fundraisers, donors and charities. With over ten years of experience, they have helped 13 million users raise over £800 million for more than 8,000 UK charities. It works by processing donations and reclaiming Gift Aid so charities don’t have to, which makes the money you raise go further. A lot further.

Because you’re doing amazing things for charity you deserve the best tools, expertise and support to help you reach your target and make a real difference to the cause you care about. Online, on Facebook, on your smartphone, and by text message, JustGiving makes it easy to connect with the supporters and receive donations anytime anywhere.

By taking part in one of the Discover Adventure challenges and using JustGiving you can maximise the amount you raise for a cause close to your heart. If you don't already have one it takes less than a minute and then you can start making your fundraising page straight away! Ring the office on 01722 718444 and they will give you your specific challenge link to start building your JustGiving fundraising page.