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Borneo Trek with World Animal Protection

n/a days
Grade 3

About the challenge

Indonesian Kalimantan occupies almost three-quarters of Borneo and is a land of mountains, thick jungle and rivers; its remoteness is legendary.

Our challenging trek takes us truly off the beaten track. We trek through dense, steamy jungle, surrounded by the incredibly atmospheric sounds made by a myriad of insects, animals such as gibbons, hornbills and tree frogs, and the all-pervasive dripping foliage. Staying in local Dayak villages, we gain a privileged insight into their ancient culture.

You won’t have many home comforts, but this is an unforgettable challenge in an untamed environment – a true adventure in every sense.

The itinerary

The Highlights

Trek through lush rainforest and stay in remote rainforest communities
Orang-u-tan centre visit with World Animal Protection

Concise Itinerary

Days 1-2: Flight to Banjarmasin

Days 3-7: Hilly trekking through lush and dense Indonesian Kalimantan rainforest

Days 8-9: Visit Orang-u-tan centre, free time in Balikpapan; fly home

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What makes it tough?

Steep, slippery, overgrown trails in rainforest
Hills feel unrelenting in heat
Strenuous trekking days 
8-10 hours trekking
Rustic accommodation adds to challenge

Discover Adventure reserves the right to change the route or itinerary for safety reasons should local conditions dictate.