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About Bespoke Challenges

Running a Bespoke Challenge is a great way to raise a large amount of funds, awareness, and create loyal supporters who are committed to you because of the unique, personal bond they have shared on a Discover Adventure trip.

Choose your challenge from over a hundred tried and tested Discover Adventure itineraries, from 1 day to 20 days, UK or worldwide, trekking, cycling, horse-trekking, sailing, survival, multi-activity or dog-sledding! Our expertise and knowledge allows us to design and reconnoitre exciting new challenge events to fit your ideas, or to link to a project you may have in an area we don’t currently travel to. We can run trips almost anywhere!

These events are tailored to your charity, we work alongside you to ensure all the trip planning meets your requirements, those of your supporters, and the trip itself is run the way you like it. From initial discussions throughout the trip lead-up and providing post-trip support.

Bespoke Challenges are very flexible

Choose your trip based on the demographics of your supporter base, your time scales and your budget. You can also set your own fundraising targets, thereby controlling your revenue, and send your own style of information, when and how you like. We are of course always on hand to advise you. Your charity’s identity is kept very clear, which helps to increase awareness. Add to this by giving your participants T-shirts bearing your logo, or having a banner to mark the Finish Line etc.

Develop excellent relationships with your supporters on a Bespoke Challenge

Spend time getting to know your supporters in the lead-up to the trip; send a representative from your office to strengthen that bond and encourage your participants to return next year! (FREE rep place on a Bespoke Challenge with a group of 20+ participants).

There is nothing to fear

If you haven’t offered them before, Bespoke Challenges are not to be feared. There’s nothing to lose in the early stages, and the advantages vastly outweigh the small amount of time involved. There is no financial outlay until 5 months prior to departure.

Let us do all the administration

Bespoke Challenges do not have to take up lots of your time and resources. By using our specially-tailored online booking system and unique charity log-in area, the only admin you’ll need to do is monitor your group’s fundraising. This leaves you free to develop your relationships with your supporters!

We pride ourselves on our working relationships with charities and approach each trip with a long-term view of working with you.

Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information on itineraries and costs.

Click here to download our Step by Step Guide to Challenge Events.