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About Open Challenges

Open Challenges are a way for you to promote challenge events to your supporters without the need to recruit a group or dedicate your resources to trip promotion and administration.  This is a no-risk, no-commitment way to be involved in challenge events, or to offer plenty of choice in addition to your Bespoke Challenges.  With Open Challenges every charity, no matter how large or small, is able to take advantage of our expertise in organising and leading safe, meaningful and highly enjoyable fundraising challenges.

Why Choose Open Challenges?
  • There’s no need to commit time and resources to recruit a minimum number of participants, you can benefit even from 1 supporter taking part
  • Open Challenges provide a wide choice for your supporters; from UK weekends to classic worldwide destinations over five continents from trekking to cycling and sailing challenges
  • You can offer an extensive selection of destinations and departure dates with Open Challenges,  whether you already offer Bespoke Challenges to your supporters or not
  • Discover Adventure Open Challenges are consistently priced to offer you the best cost:income ratios around! No up-front payment is needed from you; you only pay the tour cost to us when you have received the fundraising from your participant.
Flexibility for you and your supporters

Participants can be daunted by the idea of the minimum fundraising target; they can choose our Self-Payment Option. This means they pay their own tour costs, but send everything they raise to you as a simple donation. (Some charities promote only this option because it saves resources). You can choose to promote either the Self-Payment or the Fundraising Option, or both – it’s entirely up to you.
It’s very easy for your participants to register on a Discover Adventure Open Challenge. They can use the secure online booking and payment facility on our website via a simple link from your own, and it’s even specially-tailored for your charity!
No trip administration, leaving you free to concentrate on giving fundraising advice and encouragement. From our unique online charity log-in area you’ll be able to see certain details about your participants, but you do not need to input any of this data yourself!  

Don't spend time planning or writing trip information or newsletters as Open Challenges give you pre-established trip itineraries, dates and fundraising totals, and we handle all trip updates once your supporter has registered. We also give you all
the trip information you need to send out when supporters first enquire. All you have to decide is whether to promote them all, or a few!

Open Challenge Bonus Scheme

We know that letting your supporters know about our Open Challenges requires some work on your behalf, so we operate the Bonus Scheme to reward you for your efforts! Depending on how many of your supporters come on our trips in a given year, you could be awarded accordingly!