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Why use Discover Adventure

Discover Adventure has been designing and organising adventurous, challenging trips for groups all over the world since 1994. For most of that time we have worked with charities to provide safe, enjoyable, meaningful challenge events for fundraising groups and have built up a great reputation for our professionalism, our friendly, flexible approach and our competitive prices.
Using our 20 years of experience and expertise, we’ve designed a Step by Step Guide as a useful ideas generator for your challenge events programme and to give you further insight into:

  • how fundraising challenge events work
  • what to look for in a tour operator
  • how best to choose a challenge that suits your supporter base and your charity’s unique strengths
  • the broad range of events we can organise for you

Thanks to our experience, knowledge and wide network of in-country ground operators, we can organise challenges just about anywhere in the world – some of our most successful challenge events have been created to fit a charity’s unique requirements.You will see many sample trips in the Guide, but it’s important to realise that the possibilities are unlimited.

There’s no doubt in our minds that charities benefit greatly when they offer a mix of challenges to appeal to their various supporter demographics:

  • a choice of activities: trek, cycle, or something completely different
  • different levels of difficulty, from Moderate to Extreme
  • long-haul and short-haul destinations, with and without flights
  • different trip durations: 10 days or longer, weekends or one-day mass participant events

Many of our most successful charity clients concentrate on one or two carefully-selected Bespoke Challenges in a year, and offer a range of Open Challenges as well. Featuring our Open Challenges on your website is simple and straightforward.
From initial enquiries to the event itself, we are there to support you – from promotional advice to administrative and marketing support, to encouraging and reassuring your participants before and during their trip. Due to our experience and high standards, you can have total confidence in the trip safety and support on your challenge event.
Challenge events are very popular and a great way to bring in funds and develop long-term relationships with new and existing supporters. If you would like to arrange a meeting to discuss your events strategies please don’t hesitate to call us on 01722 718444.
Click here to download our Step by Step Guide to Challenge Events