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Choosing a Location

With over 18 years of experience, we have operated trips in most corners of the globe. Talk to us to glean inspiration or let us know if you have a preferred location in mind. A great way to engage employees is to choose locations that are relevant to them, such as office locations whether it be national or international!


For those short on time, the UK makes an ideal location for fundraising challenges. With a plethora of natural adventure playgrounds to choose from, your trek, cycle or multi-activity trip can take place in your very own back yard.

A personal touch
We can tailor-make itineraries to start or finish at your company HQ and even schedule in stops at your various office locations en-route.   This can be especially effective for cycle challenges

Flight free

Climb our highest mountains, kayak on our deepest lakes or cycle the length or breadth of the country all without the hassle of taking a flight. Challenges can be right on your doorstep or in the UK’s furthest extremities

Trip duration
Many one-day and weekend challenges to choose from - perfect for when time is precious.


With cosmopolitan cities, historic monuments and challenging environments from the Arctic Circle to the Alps, Europe offers a broad range of inspiring destinations for fundraising challenges...

Close to home
Usually meaning lower tour costs and therefore lower fundraising targets! It also means less time travelling leading to an incredible challenge without any time in transit

Flight free options

Making your trip environmentally friendly and more economical

Short trip durations

Often under a week making it viable for employers and employees.


With its unique landscapes, colourful cultures and amazing wildlife Africa has a magical pull like no other. From the dizzying heights of Kilimanjaro to the vast expanse of the Sahara Desert, choose this incredible continent for the ultimate challenge...

With North Africa in easy reach you can experience a culture that feels like a world away without all the travel

From desert to forest, mountain to coast, dry to humid, trek to cycle, Africa is a year round destination offering it all

Aid to fundraising

You can link your challenge to one of many community based projects to increase fundraising efforts.     

The Americas

From Alaska in the north to Patagonia in the South, this part of the world has it all. Put your survival instincts to the test on our jungle expeditions; follow the footsteps of the Incas all the way to Machu Picchu or see a different side to Mexico on a tough cycle ride...

Destination appeal
The vast array of countries means we can offer different types of challenges in different terrains and climates and we can increase the difficulty of the challenge depending on what you are after

Sustainable Tourism

We actively support projects in Peru including a tree planting conservation scheme, fundraisers can stay on and volunteer if they wish

Iconic locations
Machu Picchu, The Panama Canal, The Grand Caynon… these must-see destinations will have people signed up to your challenge in no time.   

Asia and The Middle East

This region is an exciting place to host any challenge. With such a diverse range of countries intersected by the magnificent Himalayas the choices are endless...

A superb opportunity for experience vastly different cultured and break out of your comfort zone

Aid to fundraising

The mountain ranges of Asia and other iconic landmarks often make it easier for fundraisers to attract the sponsorship and reach the targets which have been set

Off the beaten track

Challenges take place in remote locations far off the tourist routes.

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