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 Become a Discover Adventure Pioneer 

 Are you a keen challenger, with a desire to make your mark and forge new paths?

Embrace the true spirit of adventure and help blaze the trail for our latest challenges by taking on a Pioneering Challenge. We’re constantly researching new challenge routes and destinations to make our portfolio of trips the best they can be for you.

Once we’ve designed and route tested them, we’re calling upon you to embrace the ultimate adventure and take part in the challenge with a view influencing how the challenge develops in the future.

What do we mean by ‘Pioneering Challenges?’

Pioneering Challenges are our first to run open challenges. They are fully risk assessed and reconnoitred and will be led by one of our experienced leaders – but you will be the first open participant to experience it!

Which are the Pioneering challenges that I need to look out for?

We’ve added quite a few to our 2017 – 18 portfolio;


Yorkshire Three Peaks Weekend

Cornish Coast to Coast Weekend

Arctic Adventure

Accursed Mountain Trek

Istria Mountain Trek

WW1 Battlefield Trek

Rome to Pompeii Cycle

Carcassonne to Barcelona Cycle

Rwanda Mountain and Gorilla Trek

Ride the Coast ot Cape Town

Trek to Table Mountain

Saharan Mini Adventure

Trek Bhutan

Nepal Project Trek

Trek the Rockies

Yosemite to San Fancisco Cycle

Mayan Bike Adventure

Coast to Coast Costa Rica Cycle

Trek Patagonia


Who are the Pioneers?

Our Pioneers are those challengers who book on to and complete any of our challenges marked as Pioneering on one of the first two dates that they run. It doesn’t matter whether the challenge is UK based or one of our overseas adventures - if you are part of the first two groups to complete it, you’re one of our Pioneers.

I’m keen to make my mark on a DA challenge, but what’s in it for me in the long term?

We love having your input on what is great about our challenges but importantly, on how they can be better.

This is where you come in - as a keen challenger, ready to take on brand new challenges, being a Pioneer will mean you;

  • Can help the shape the development of the Pioneering Challenge you have completed by giving us you’re feedback direct
  • Have influence on what our future challenge portfolio looks like by telling us what you think would make for great trips in the future
  • Are invited to feedback on our new challenge ideas before we share them with anyone else
  • Gain personalised discounts for taking part in future pioneering challenges after you have completed your first with us.

Want to know more? Contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us direct on 01722 718 444