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School Challenges: Overseas Expeditions

  • Diverse expeditions in challenging destinations all over the world and in UK
  • Minimum numbers of 10 students (Yr 9 and up)
  • Choose a length of time to suit you: from a Short Challenge of a few days, to the ultimate one-month School Challenge.
  • Community Projects are available for your students to get involved in - putting their skills forward to help local projects
  • Discover Adventure support designed to take away as much work from teachers as possible

Personal Development & Life Experience

The challenges faced overseas, and during the planning phase, will give students a unique opportunity to work together and solve problems.

Tackling unforeseen difficulties will test your students' abilities and personal skills, and the relationships within their team. Such problems will ultimately give each team a huge, well-deserved feeling of achievement and self-confidence.

Advantages to Schools

  • Promotes team-building and personal development among students
  • Creates a school-year project relevant to a variety of cross-curricular and extra-curricular skills subjects
  • Can involve whole school in planning and fundraising for the Overseas Expedition
  • Links well with PSHE & World Citizenship requirements
  • Can foster permanent links between your school and one in a developing country, creating considerable educational advantages
  • Aids students' self-confidence and sense of responsibility, boosting chances of exam success
  • Adds further interest to University applications