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Carbon Offsetting

At Discover Adventure we work hard to ensure we provide a first-rate service to the charities and organisations we work with, and all of you who come on our trips. Your safety and trip enjoyment are our priorities.  We believe that our trips have many positive advantages for the worldwide communities we work with, the charity you are raising money for and, of course, for you!  We are committed to looking after the environment on every level we can, such as reducing and offsetting carbon emissions when possible, and by encouraging you to do the same.

Offsetting CO2 Emissions
Climate Care is a service that helps us to repair the damage our activities do to the climate. It does this by ‘offsetting’ the greenhouse gas emissions, such as CO2, from our activities by reducing an equivalent amount of CO2 on our behalf.
These reductions are made through a range of projects in renewable energy and energy efficiency, which not only fight climate change but bring benefits to communities round the world. You can offset emissions from flying, driving and household energy use. The carbon footprint on our trips overall is very low; communal cooking and transport makes a small impact compared to your normal fuel consumption at home and of course your main transport is by foot or bike!
We would like to invite you to make your flights climate neutral by offsetting your flight emissions. Simply use the flight calculator shown here.  You can also offset your transport emissions (if, for example, you are taking part in a flight-less challenge, see below) if you wish by using one of the other calculators on Climate Care's website.
Here is the Offsetting Calculator:  

Flying from:
Going to:
Passengers: Flight Type:
Return One Way
Find out more about ClimateCare
and this carbon calculator

For those of you who prefer not to fly at all, we are committed to providing a choice of trips which do not use flights or are shorter-haul or use the Eurostar Service.

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