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Making a Donation

We know that many of you are keen to give something back to the environment or the communities we pass through, choosing to support the projects we are involved in with practical help after your challenge. However, you can now support our projects with an optional £5.00 donation when you book on any Discover Adventure Challenge.  Your donation will be split equally between our ongoing work at the Light in Africa Project and our tree-planting project in Peru, £5 buys 10 trees! (Details below).

We always ensure that our help goes to a worthwhile, long-term project and is managed fairly and with sustainable development in mind. We are committed to continuing to help such projects on a long-term basis, and welcome your support.

 Tree Planting Project, PeruTree Planting

At Discover Adventure we’re proud to be doing our bit for the environment by supporting a tree-planting project in Peru. The project aims to reforest the slopes of the Lares valley – an area we trek through – with native queñua trees. In December 2013, working with an environmental NGO in Peru, we will plant around 10,000 trees over two days. We aim to plant a minimum of 10,000 trees each year for the next two years. This project will also put money directly into the local economy: the seedlings are bought from a local village tree nursery, and around 250 local people get involved in the tree-planting and are paid for their efforts.



 Light in Africa ChildrenLight in Africa Children's Project, Moshi, Tanzania

For several years we've supported a children's project near Moshi at the base of Kilimanjaro called Light in Africa, the project provides education and medical care as well as a safe place for children to live. The children and babies who come to the home have often been mistreated, or simply suffered through poverty, before being orphaned - often because of parental AIDS. We encourage our trip leaders, friends and clients to help with practical work to improve the buildings and facilities, and work with the children, and will continue to support the major developments planned in the near future to assist the disadvantaged groups that exist in the local community.  Our Kilimanjaro groups are able to visit Light in Africa on their free day. The project is always very grateful for any small sums of unspent spending money, which will equate to little in sterling once back home. Good locally-made crafts are available for sale at very good prices in the orphanage's shop.