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Projects supported by Discover Adventure

We have been involved in several community projects geared to improving facilities and ways of life in communities in Peru and Africa often ensuring adults and children continue to live in their communities rather than seek income, healthcare or education elsewhere. 

More recently Discover Adventure has extended this to support projects in Nepal in their efforts to rebuild their communities after the earthquakes of 2015.

Tanzania - Light in Africa

Light in Africa Project

For several years we’ve supported a children's home in Moshi, at the base of Kilimanjaro. It provides education and medical care as well as a home for children and babies who have sometimes been mistreated, or simply suffered through poverty.  Through the Home they are able to attend school, have days out for birthdays, and generally enjoy as normal a childhood as possible. 

Groups are always encouraged to visit the project after Kilimanjaro Treks. Small donations and gifts are always welcome, and well-made local crafts are available to buy at the cnetre's shop, which directly help the children.  Read more about this project here.

In 2015 Discover Adventure and our participants donated £3,320 to the Light in Africa Project.


Peru - TreTree planting projecte Planting Project

In 2010 Discover Adventure became involved in a conservation scheme by supporting a tree-planting project in Peru. The project's aim is to reforest the slopes of the Lares valley – an area we trek through – with native queñua trees.  The project puts money directly into the local economy: the seedlings are bought from a local village tree nursery, and around 250 local people get involved in the tree-planting and are paid for their efforts.

In 2015  Discover Adventure and our participants donated in the region of £400 (the equivalent of 900 trees) to local community project in Peru.


Nepal - Support Rural NepalNepal bathtime

In April and May 2015 Nepal was hit by a series of devastating earthquakes, demolishing homes, temples and taking many lives.  Since this time Discover Adventure has supported the work of the Support Rural Nepal project through our ground operators, Himalayan Encounters.  The funds provided will help with the purchase of specific materials for the ongoing construction and repair work. It is also likely that these funds will pay for the build of a whole house depending on the level of costs required. For more information on the Support Rural Nepal project or to donate directly please take a look at their Facebook page by clicking here.

Donations so far are in excess of £4,500.