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Explore Las Vegas

About the Challenge

Buzzing with casinos, shows, spectacular hotels, and of course the famous wedding chapels, there’s plenty to see and do in the city. There is also a huge variety of excursions on offer – including flights over the Grand Canyon, white-water rafting on the Colorado River, hot air balloon rides and tours of the Hoover Dam. Your hotel will be able to arrange these and many more.

We can arrange for you to stay on in the same hotel as your group adventure ends, for as many nights as required. This is not an organised itinerary; you are free to spend your time as you wish.

Accommodation starts from £100 per person per night, on a twin-share basis.

Prices do fluctuate as Vegas has very busy periods; booking early helps. To confirm an exact price and proceed with your booking, just let us know the number of extra nights you would like.

Dates & Prices


Dates & Prices

Detailed Information

  • Your safety, and that of the rest of the group, is our highest priority. Our trips are designed and planned with safety in mind. Your crew will be equipped with communication devices (eg phones, radios and/or emergency satellite phones), medical kit and other safety apparatus appropriate to the destination. Our leaders always have access to our 24-hour emergency UK back-up. They are responsible for safety on the trip, and will make any changes to the itinerary they deem necessary, should local conditions dictate. Pre-trip administration - such as medical questionnaires and travel insurance as appropriate - is all done with your safety in mind.

Preparing for the Challenge

  • This is designed to be a challenge, and it is vital that you train sufficiently for it. We will supply you with a thorough training guide once you have registered. We expect all participants to train hard in advance, but we respect everyone’s limits and do not expect everyone to maintain the same pace. Inadequate training is likely to have an impact not just on your chances of completing the challenge, but enjoying it too - and we want you to have the time of your life!

    Our challenges attract people of all levels of experience, fitness and ability as well as all ages and backgrounds. We design our challenges so that everyone can go at their own pace: this is not a race. If you have concerns about your fitness or if you have reduced mobility please do contact us for a confidential chat about whether this challenge is appropriate for you.

    For logistical and safety reasons we sometimes need to re-group, so the front-runners may find themselves waiting for the slower ones. Please relax, and remember that this is a team effort that enables people to achieve their personal goals and earn sponsorship.

  • We plan our trips around the optimal weather conditions, but could still be exposed to bad weather at any time. It is vital you are prepared for all conditions. We provide you with a detailed packing kit-list on registration, with plenty of information, and we are always available if you need advice.