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Challenge FAQs

What's the difference between Open and Bespoke Challenges

Open Challenges are trips featured on our website marked ‘Open challenge,’ they are made up of groups of people fundraising for different charities but all with one thing in common – pushing limits and doing something worthwhile. These types of trips offer you three different payment methods –

  • Fundraising; pay your registration fee and commit to raising a set target for charity.
  • Part-Payment; pay your registration fee, pay a set contribution towards your trip cost and commit to fundraise a set amount. This plus any further fundraising over the set amount all goes to your chosen charity.
  • Full-Payment; pay your registration fee and pay the full amount of your trip cost. There is no fundraising target and you can choose not to fundraise at all. However for those that do, 100% of the monies raised go direct to your chosen charity.

Our Bespoke Challenges are those that we have been invited by a particular charity to organise for a group of their fundraisers. Unless stated otherwise, you will be required to pay your registration fee and fundraise a target amount for that charity.