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Challenge Experiences

For many of those who travel with us, a Discover Adventure Challenge is life-changing. Taking part in something which tests your limits on so many levels gives you an unforgettable achievement which does make you stop, think and reassess. We attract some pretty remarkable and inspiring individuals to come on our challenges so if you're looking for some advice, reassurance or just to know what you might expect from a challenge with us, read on!

On the 27th October, 2014, my son, Christopher, then aged six, passed away. Although he had had a serious heart condition since his birth, his death, nevertheless, was totally unforeseen – the grief was, and is, indescribable; the trauma resultant, total.

Consequently, the first year after his death was a blur; it remains somewhat hazy although I can recall, quite clearly, that I was by the end of it most definitively in a bit of a mess, physically (I could not have predicted that the consequences of grief could be physical, as well as mental, but they most certainly are): my breathing, which had never been good, had almost collapsed, I was completely and utterly exhausted, fatigued really, and suffering from all sorts of ‘brain fevers’ (a suitable term I think to describe the mental onslaught grief incurs; I read it, only recently, as used by Arthur Conan Doyle in his Holmes stories, to describe characters affected by extreme stress – it seemed fitting.)


"I DID IT and it felt awesome!" - Bev Triumphs in Burma

Written by  Discover Adventure 20 June 2017

Bev: Took part in her first DA Challenge in 2016 – the Pioneering Burma Hilltribe Trek – here’s what she’d say to her fellow challengers looking to Live the Adventure this year:

Why did you decide to do the Burma Hilltribe Trek?

I decided to do a trek for a variety of reasons. I'd been thinking along the lines of doing The Inca Trail. I lost my husband just over 4 years ago and I'd spent the last few years trying to hold down a full time job and take care of my teenage children. I was constantly exhausted and unhappy. When I then lost my dad and a close friend in the spring of 2016 and I decided something had to change. 

Busy Mum Claire Conquers London to Paris

Written by  Steph 20 June 2017
Claire: Completed her first DA Challenge in 2015, a London to Paris Cycle – here is her advice for those looking to do this same this year!

Why did you decide to do a cycle challenge?
I had previously done a couple of short organised rides and wanted to do something to raise funds for St Catherine's Hospice as it is a charity dear to my heart. St Catherine's Hospice had a London to Paris ride on their list of events so I thought if I was going to ask people to sponsor me, I had better do something that was a really big challenge for me and this fitted the bill perfectly.  

Meet Val & Claire – two of the most fun-loving, know no limits challengers you could ever wish to meet.


They’ve completed 11 challenges with us over the last 13 years from trekking to cycling, sailing and even snowshoeing – nothing is an adventure too far for them. But it hasn’t always been that way, so we caught up with them just after they’d touched down from trekking through some of the highest peaks in Western Europe to find out their secret to relentless motivation, why they’ve taken on so many challenges and what’s next on their list.