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Busy Mum Claire Conquers London to Paris

Written by Steph 20 June 2017

Busy Mum Claire Conquers London to Paris
Claire: Completed her first DA Challenge in 2015, a London to Paris Cycle – here is her advice for those looking to do this same this year!

Why did you decide to do a cycle challenge?
I had previously done a couple of short organised rides and wanted to do something to raise funds for St Catherine's Hospice as it is a charity dear to my heart. St Catherine's Hospice had a London to Paris ride on their list of events so I thought if I was going to ask people to sponsor me, I had better do something that was a really big challenge for me and this fitted the bill perfectly.  

How did you find the challenge experience?

I had a great time on the challenge.  The Discover Adventure staff were super helpful, the event was really well organised and the other participants were amazing (we cycled with some guys with Parkinson’s, who were totally inspiring!). Riding into Paris was incredible and we had an amazing night out in Paris to celebrate our achievement.  

Did you have any particular worries beforehand?

I suppose my worries were mostly around if I was going to be fit enough to do it and could I fit all the training in around two small children and a full time job, but I managed it making sure my training rides were planned in advance!  

What tips would you give to others looking to take on their first cycle trip?

Take the plunge and sign up, it will be amazing.  Train properly (put training rides in your calendar so you definitely have time to do them) and then it will be hard but not so hard that you don't enjoy it. Oh, and pack light!