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"I DID IT and it felt awesome!" - Bev Triumphs in Burma

Written by Discover Adventure 20 June 2017

"I DID IT and it felt awesome!" - Bev Triumphs in Burma

Bev: Took part in her first DA Challenge in 2016 – the Pioneering Burma Hilltribe Trek – here’s what she’d say to her fellow challengers looking to Live the Adventure this year:

Why did you decide to do the Burma Hilltribe Trek?

I decided to do a trek for a variety of reasons. I'd been thinking along the lines of doing The Inca Trail. I lost my husband just over 4 years ago and I'd spent the last few years trying to hold down a full time job and take care of my teenage children. I was constantly exhausted and unhappy. When I then lost my dad and a close friend in the spring of 2016 and I decided something had to change. 

I needed an adventure, I'd lost a lot of confidence and self-esteem, I wanted to meet new people and make new opportunities for myself - who knows where life would take me! I recognised that lots of people are unhappy and aren't as in such a fortunate position as me and can't change their lives. I wanted to use the time I've now given myself to get back on my feet to give back.

I chose the Burma Hilltribe Trek because it was advertised through VSO on Facebook.  It seemed an exciting alternative and due to my circumstances very spiritually rewarding for me. 

The experience was everything I hoped it would be and more! The contacts I had with VSO and Discover Adventure were extremely supportive and guided us through the fundraising process and training. I raised over £1,000 in the end. The people on the trek were a fantastic bunch and we supported each other when we were finding it tough. I've made some good friends, gained a huge sense of achievement and I obtained closure for myself too.

Did you have any particular worries beforehand?

My main worry was that,  even though I'm fit (I train 3 times a week in the gym and I'd trained for the trek) the others would be fitter and better walkers and I'd let the team down by being slow. In the end I was ok and had good and bad days BUT everyone was the same! We allowed each other to go at our own pace. I also am quite a private person – I like my own space and the lack of it on the trip was actually something I found quite difficult.

The toughest part I found was the mental challenge, being tired and dirty and not being able to shower properly and going to the toilet at 5am with a head torch!!! I was ill on the last day of trekking and still had to walk 10 miles - that was tough… but I DID IT and it felt awesome!

And what are your top tips for trekkers?

1) Do the training it gives you confidence.

2) Adhere to the kit list! You’ll need the stuff!

3) Relax and go with the flow! Everyone there is in the same boat and there will be both good and tough days so make sure you are there for your fellow challengers and they will be there for you!

4) And of course it goes without saying have fun! It was an awesome experience and I had a great sense of achievement. You will definitely want to do it again!