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Choosing the right trekking challenge for you.

Trekking through a region allows you to truly discover it with all your senses. It gives you access to unspoilt natural landscapes, and communities where the culture adds an unforgettable dimension to your experiences. At walking pace we can savour the ever-changing views, spot enchanting wildlife, and appreciate the local way of life as we share trails with the people who live in these beautiful, often wild, environments.

Our treks vary from short walks in the great British outdoors to epic mountain treks all over the globe, and take in a huge amount of variety along the way. From vast golden desert and verdant rainforest to deep canyons, lush hills, dense green forests, dazzling lakes, spectacular coastline – every trek has inspiring views that motivate the weariest legs to keep going. A trekker can discover iconic mountain ranges like the Himalayas and the Rockies, and tackle lofty Kilimanjaro, the highest free-standing mountain in the world.

Trekking also allows us to walk in the footsteps of others, and the history and culture adds a fascinating, and often humbling dimension. From early explorers and pioneers, blazing trails through the mountains, or refugees of World War Two escaping over the Pyrenees, to the Incan roads of the Peruvian Andes, or the phenomenal monument that is the Great Wall of China … it’s often hard to separate a trail from its history.

There is no greater achievement than standing at the summit of a hill or mountain, but it’s the trekking as a whole that makes us come back for more. And all you need is a sense of adventure and a good amount of perseverance. No technical experience, no specialist kit. It’s hard at times – relentless heat, aching muscles – but it’s as simple as putting one foot in front of another, and believing in yourself.

Yellow Graded Challenges

Our yellow-graded challenges are ideal for those who want moderate distances and non-technical terrain. We’ve got a range of trekking weekends in our own back garden of the UK – following in the footsteps of dinosaurs on the Jurassic Coast, exploring rugged cliffs and old fishing villages of the coastline of Cornwall, or the beautiful peaks and valleys of the Lake District.

If you’ve got a few more days in hand, why not make Europe your playground? In Croatia we’ve got a Mountain Trek, or for those looking for a little more variety, a Multi-Activity challenge incorporating cycling, trekking and white-water rafting.

Travel even further afield and you could join one of most popular destinations, trekking the Great Wall of China. Discover the golden beaches and pristine rainforest of Brazil’s Ilha Grande, meet the friendly locals in a remote northern region of Vietnam, or explore the ancient complex of Cambodia’s Temples of Angkor.

Orange Graded Challenges

Increasing the challenge level and the terrain gets hillier, the distances get longer and the days get tougher.

For fans of the colder weather (trust us, they do exist!) why not try a spectacular snowshoeing experience on the Transylvania Winter Wilderness Trek? Or if you’ve got a long weekend and have a penchant for the mountains, visit 3 countries in 3 days on the Tour du Mont Blanc or set yourself the challenge of climbing North Africa’s highest peak, Mount Toubkal.

Our 10-12 days treks will take you to the far flung corners of Madagascar, IndiaPatagoniaNepalColombiaSri Lanka or Costa Rica – all present their own unique challenges and with a huge variety in landscapes ranging from deserts and jungles, mountains and foothills, we can guarantee you’ll find somewhere to put on the ‘to-do list!’

In the UK we’ll help you explore the rugged mountains of Ben Nevis and the Yorkshire 3 Peaks. Or for a tough one-day challenge, increase the daily distance to 26.2 miles on our Marathon Walk London.

Red Graded Trips

Our red-graded treks take the challenge level up another notch – you’ll experience long, hard days, often incorporating the additional challenge of trekking at altitude. It’s likely you’ll be camping, so a lack of home comforts might really push you to your limits, but it is all part of the experience!

This category hosts 3 of the most popular treks that we run, with multiple departures each year – witness the majestic Machu Picchu on the famous Inca Trail, reach the summit of the iconic Mount Kilimanjaro, or trek through breathtakingly beautiful scenery to reach Everest Base Camp and wonder in awe at the highest point on our Earth. Our most extreme trek involves a night-time ascent to the summit of Stok Kangri, standing at an impressive 6121m, where you will be rewarded with sunrise views over the Himalayas and Karakorum Mountains.

Choose your trekking challenge

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