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Some of our favourite challenges take place right on our doorstep. Explore the UK with us and get your adventure fix without venturing too far from home.

Live the adventureon your home.right the UK.

you don't need to go far to find the perfect view or make amazing memories. Adventure doesn't always mean far-flung corners of the planet and some of our favourite challenges are right here in the UK.


In over 30 years, some of our best memories are of our UK challenges. Whatever the weather (usually rain!) the Great British wilderness always delivers. We've trekked rugged coastlines, cycled quaint countryside and scaled some spectacular peaks. Whether heading to an iconic sight or stumbling across a hidden view, there is just something about the green grass of home that makes these challenges magic.

Over the years, we've learnt that you don't have to travel far to get your adventure fix. Some of the most rewarding challenges are right here on our doorstep. You might be surprised to explore parts of the UK you didn't know existed or have never found the time to discover. When the option to travel further afield isn't available, exploring home soil doesn't have to be a compromise. Epic landscapes, tough challenges and bucket-list-worthy goals await!

Environmental Benefits
It isn't surprising that responsible adventures at home have substantial environmental benefits. We've worked hard, under our sustainability pledge, to ensure that the challenges we have worldwide are as environmentally conscious as possible. Our collection of UK challenges are no exception to this mission. We work closely with local companies and communities, and we leave no trace. After all, we want everyone to be able to enjoy our very own wilderness for decades to come.
Low Cost Adventures
The, usually significant, cost of overseas travel is removed without the need for an airfare, making these challenges a cost-effective way of testing your limits and raising money for charity. What's more, as you don't have to travel too far, these challenges are bite-sized. Surprise your family and friends by climbing a mountain on Saturday and being home by Monday! If that's not worth a donation, we don't know what is.


We've grouped all of our UK challenges below. We know there's something there for everyone, from mountain scenes to beachside views, cycling or trekking - Get ready to join us on an epic adventure at home!

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