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Animals Asia Foundation

Animals Asia is a charity dedicated to finding long-term solutions to problems of animal cruelty across Asia, including the rescue of 10,000 Moon Bears from torturous bile farms in China and Vietnam. The bears, which can spend more than 20 years in coffin-sized cages, are milked regularly for their bile through crude catheters or permanently open holes in their abdomens. The bile is used in traditional Chinese medicine, even though cheap herbal and synthetic alternatives are readily available. We operate bear sanctuaries, in China and in Vietnam.

Support is also required to help end the abuse and neglect of animals in zoos and safari parks as well as companion animals. We empower local groups through funding and training, we promote humane population management, we investigate and monitor the meat trade, run extensive public awareness campaigns and engage with government and policy makers to bring about change.

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Animals Asia Foundation

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