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Aspire is a national charity providing practical support, funding and advice to people with spinal cord injuries in the UK and Ireland Every eight hours someone sustains a spinal cord injury and is told that they may never walk again. There is no warning, no preventative medicine, no time to prepare. Spinal injuries can happen to anyone - a car accident, falling down the stairs or a bad tackle in a game of rugby.

Aspire is there to provide practical support to people after their injury. We provide accessible housing so people are able to live independently whilst their own home is being adapted. We have experienced advisors who visit people in hospital to give them the advice they need to continue leading an independent life. We train people in the use of our specially adapted computers. And our Human Needs Fund provides grants for specialist equipment such as lightweight wheelchairs.

In short, Aspire works with people with spinal cord injuries to create opportunity, choice and independence through very real and practical solutions.

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