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Beatson Cancer Charity

At Beatson Cancer Charity we believe that no-one should face cancer on their own. Beatson Cancer Charity supports people affected by cancer, every step of the way. We make the journey easier by transforming the way cancer care is funded and delivered. We provide services, as well as funding specialists, research and education to invest in a better future for cancer patients and their families.

Amongst patients and the wider community, we are best known for our award-winning Wellbeing Centre and specialist support at The Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre and across hospitals in five health boards. While clinical and research professionals recognise us for our ongoing commitment to more effective cancer services, funding additional specialist staff and supporting cutting-edge cancer research and education.

All our work is made possible by our supporters. It is their generosity which allows Beatson Cancer Charity to deliver an innovative and patient-focused approach to cancer care and change the lives of those affected by the disease every day

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Beatson Cancer Charity

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