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What can our Bespoke Challenges offer you?

We specialise in taking the consultative approach with every charity we work with. We know not all charities are the same, that you have different goals, supporter networks, projects and passions. This is why we’d rather talk to you direct, so we can understand your objectives and translate them into the most successful challenge event you’ve ever run. An outline of our process is below but if you’d rather cut to the chase, give us a call.



With a bespoke challenge, you have complete ownership over it. Off the peg or totally bespoke, you can make it unique and relevant to your charity and your cause. For example, you may want to pick a destination which incorporates a visit to one of your overseas projects, or you might want a route that links two of your hospices. The objective of the challenge can really resonate with your supporters, giving them a clear purpose for their sponsorship.

You are in control of your own challenge financial forecasts, marketing and branding – you can shout to the roof tops about how much fundraising money your event will raise, exactly where this money will be spent and the social impact it will have.

With our team handling the end-to-end organisation and admin for the trip, you can spend your precious time building relationships with your supporters. From guiding them through their fundraising journey to challenge departure, you’ll be able to understand their motivations for supporting your charity. Plus, you can give them a person experience – handwritten good luck notes or a bespoke charity t-shirt goes a long way!



We always work in partnership with our charities and corporate groups and we’re proud of the number of long-standing clients we work with year after year. Your fundraising event is unique to you, as is your vision, objectives, and supporter base, and this always forms the basis of the challenge concepts we develop for you.

Following your initial brief, we’ll develop a selection of itinerary proposals to send to you. This will be followed up by a consultation meeting, where we’ll review the proposals together and refine your objectives. Then it’s time for the nitty-gritty; we’ll finalise and agree itineraries, routes and costings and send you all the information and materials you’ll need to launch. We’ll support you with administration, marketing ideas and promotional materials to help you achieve your target group size.

We’ll deliver a safe, successful and memorable event leaving your supporters with a true sense of achievement tied to your charity – and more often than not, buzzing to do more!

One of the areas we really enjoy is identifying the ways we can enable you to grow your event each year. Whether it’s the growth and development of an annual signature event, or a portfolio of new offerings, we’ll work with you to ensure challenge events are one of the most successful elements of your overall fundraising strategy. We’ll assist in providing variety and choice to your supporters. Every bespoke fundraising event will have your stamp on it, even if it’s one of our existing events.


We will take the time to listen to and understand your goals, vision and requirements based on what your objectives are for the year ahead. We’ll combine this with our analysis of trends in challenge events and get the ball rolling on the next challenge event for your charity.

Your focus, energy and resources should be entirely on marketing your challenge and nurturing your supporters. Often this can be overshadowed when you are being pulled into the time-consuming task of organising logistics; your dedicated Account Manager will take this off your hands.

You can be safe in the knowledge that any hitches or last-minute changes will be dealt with by us and we’re pretty awesome at devising solutions quickly and efficiently. We also hold all the third-party insurance liabilities meaning that you have the relevant legal protections in place. Essentially, we will be there running your event and tying the whole thing together to create a smooth, seamless event.

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