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CASA - Caring and Sharing Association Respite

CASA is a registered charity established in 1981. CASA's goal is to develop friendships and social opportunities for people with disabilities through a variety of social events and respite breaks. CASA is a volunteer led organisation.

About C.A.S.A caring and sharing association

All CASA activities are based on one to one person centred care and this is what makes CASA unique. Our social activities focus on ensuring each individual's needs are met and that each person can participate fully. CASA has 23 local groups and a respite house in Malahide providing year round respite services. CASA organises a pilgrimage to Lourdes every year which caters for approximately 130 people. And in 2012 CASA began a new project in Kenya which is providing social outlets and outreach support to people with disabilities and their families. To ensure that these vital services can continue we need to organise regular fundraising events.

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CASA - Caring and Sharing Association Respite

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