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Bespoke Charity FAQs

What are the minimum and maximum numbers for a bespoke fundraising challenge?

This varies from trip to trip as every challenge event is unique. Based on your requirements and the challenge itinerary we have proposed, we’ll review the inclusions and take account of what is feasible and achievable. However, we will always discuss with you minimum and maximum numbers during the itinerary design/selection process to determine the parameters of your event.

For example, one-day UK events requiring marquees, caterers, chipped timing and multiple distances, tend to lend themselves better to higher participant numbers which, if achieved, brings down the cost per head. If recruitment of high number is not achievable for you, we can look to smaller, more intimate events that still provide great value for money and the very best service.

Maximum Numbers

When it comes to maximum numbers, we are usually governed by the location in which we are operating. For example on some of our overseas events we limit participant numbers for safety reasons, or to ensure groups are kept together.

Minimum numbers

Again this will vary depending on the design of your challenge however the following will give you an estimate figure:

  • UK one day: approximately 50+ participants
  • UK weekend: approximately 20+ participants
  • UK/euro multi-day: approximately 25+ participants
  • Overseas trek/cycle: approximately 20+ participants
What's included?
Who handles the administration?
Who recruits the participants?
What kind of marketing support do you offer?
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Open Charity FAQs

How can we become listed on the Charity Directory?

If you find that your charity is not yet listed on our directory and you would like to register, please contact to register.

Is it free to be listed on the Discover Adventure Charity Directory?
What is the Charity Portal?
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Who handles the administration?
Who recruits the participants?
What marketing support do you offer?
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Can you assist us with fundraising?
How do the finances work?
Is there a financial risk to the charity if the participant doesn't reach the fundraising target?
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And finally, how are we kept informed about a challenge in the run up to departure?