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The Haemophilia Society

The Haemophilia Society is the only national and independent organisation for all people affected by bleeding disorders. The Society is led by affected people and works in close partnership with the NHS. We provide information and support for all people affected by bleeding disorder and represent their interests

Haemophilia, von Willebrand's and related bleeding disorders are inherited conditions where the blood does not clot properly. These bleeding disorders are lifelong, painful conditions for which there is no cure but which can be managed through regular treatment of replacement clotting factor

There are about 20,000 registered patients with a bleeding disorder in the UK and a further estimated 600,000 yet to be diagnosed

We want people affected by bleeding disorders to have the freedom to make choices and seize opportunities

For more information please visit or call our helpline between 10am and 4pm weekdays on 0800 018 6068

Call: 020 7831 1020

The Haemophilia Society

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