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Holding On Letting Go

Holding On Letting Go' is a Kent based charity providing bereavement support for children aged 6-16. The service was established in 1998. We also provide support and guidance to those close to the child such as a parent/carer or teacher.

HOLG works closely with social services, hospices, the local Primary Care Trusts, education services and voluntary services across Kent.

HOLG counsellors work with children who have suffered any significant death. This might be due to terminal illness or unexpected deaths such as drug overdoses, traffic accidents or suicides.

We currently hold 4 non-residential weekend events a year with approximately 25 children attending each one. We work therapeutically with each child and also invite the parent/carer to attend our group support meeting for that weekend.

Registered Charity No: 1103835

Call: 0844 5611511

Holding On Letting Go

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