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Hospice Aid UK

Hospice Aid UK is a unique young charity delivering much needed grants to hospices throughout the UK.

Hospices throughout the country face the daily task of caring for those who sadly have little time left with us in the most dignified and compassionate way possible, at the same time offering respect and comfort to both the patient, loved ones and families around them.

Hospices up and down the country offer a very special place of comfort and tranquility, and peacefulness and of course there are those very special and skilled caring staff that complete the one-to-one care offered. Last year alone, over 41,000 patients occupied 3,500 beds, as the need for dedicated palliative care in the community increases to grow, for both the young and old, so does the need to fund the hospices which take on this responsibility.

On average, the Government fund around only 30% of the monies needed to run a successful hospice and, therefore, other sources of income are needed.

To date, Hospice Aid UK has helped over 150 hospices from all over the UK by giving them grants to assist in their daily existence, by proving much needed resources from syringe drivers, pressure relieving mattresses, audio equipment, nurse call systems and general help towards the day-to-day running costs.

Registered charity number: 1092575

Call: 020 8908 1571

Hospice Aid UK

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