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Mindroom creates and raises awareness of learning difficulties and provides direct help and support for children and adults with learning difficulties and their families.

Your support will ultimately make a difference for someone like Jack*. Jack was not doing well at school and causing real tension at home. He was very angry, not sleeping and causing problems in the classroom. His Mum was finding it hard to cope with a child who wouldn’t sleep and his behaviour was affecting his younger brother. Mig, our Direct Help and Support Manager was put in contact with the family. On observing Jack in school and at home, she realised that Jack had a fundamental learning difficulty that had not been recognised. Working in collaboration with Jack, his Mum, the school, the local education authority and other professionals , Mig coordinated the process of identifying Jack’s needs and ensuring these were being met appropriately both at home and within his educational placement. Today Jack is happy in school, he sleeps well and his needs have been recognised and met. Life for Jack and his family is back on a dignified and promising track.

*Jack’s name has been changed, and his family have given us permission to use his story.

Mindroom receives no statutory support, so your challenge will make a huge difference for us too.

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