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Pancreatic Cancer Action

Pancreatic Cancer Action (PCA) has been set up by a very rare survivor of the disease whose mission it is to improve survival rates by getting more people diagnosed in time for surgery.

In the UK, pancreatic cancer kills 22 people a day and only 3% of pancreatic cancer patients will live beyond 5 years after diagnosis. This dreadful statistic has been the same for over 40 years.

Pancreatic cancer has been underfunded for decades. Despite being predicted to be the 4th biggest cancer killer in the UK by the end of 2011, pancreatic cancer still receives less than 2% of total research funding.

Pancreatic cancer is under-funded, under-researched and in dire need of publicity.

Please support us in our mission to "Change the Numbers" for pancreatic cancer. Every donation, large or small is very gratefully received. Thank you.

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Pancreatic Cancer Action

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