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Percy's Pals

'Percy’ was a GP doctor from Hedge End, Southampton who died in 2013, aged 47, from a stroke. He cared deeply about the welfare of others and dedicated his professional life to helping the sick. Percy’s Pals (operating under the umbrella of the Southampton Hospital Charity) is a fundraising group formed by Percy’s friends to do important charity work and raise money in his name. The Wessex Neuro ITU is a wing of Southampton General Hospital, specialising in treating victims of stroke and brain injury from all over the south of England. Anyone suffering brain injury or stroke in the South of England is very likely to be treated there. Percy's Pals aims to raise £250,000 to purchase a specialist portable CT brain scanner for the Wessex Neuro ITU. Without this scanner the treatment of patients admitted to the ITU could be delayed vital minutes, where the speed of treatment can be crucial to their survival and a successful recovery.

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Percy's Pals

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