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Rainbow Trust Children's Charity

Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity provides a unique and special service to families when their child has a life threatening or terminal illness. Set up in 1986, we offer practical and emotional help through our eight teams of Family Support Workers. We aim to maintain a sense of normality, and keep families together. No other organisation provides the extent of professional care and consistency of contact as Rainbow Trust. Our work is a vital emotional and practical lifeline to those who turn to us.

We offer support at any stage of illness, from diagnosis, during treatment and throughout bereavement. Very importantly, there is no time limit to the care we provide. We will stay with a family until they feel that they can cope without our support, sometimes for several years after a child has died. Care is provided to families, irrespective of circumstance, ethnicity, social background, nationality or religion. Many of those who use our services are single parent families with little or no extended family support network.

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Rainbow Trust Children's Charity

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