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Retired Greyhound Trust

The Retired Greyhound Trust is a national charity, founded in 1976 and we are dedicated to finding loving homes for greyhounds when their racing days are over.

The Trust operates a network of over 70 branches across Britain, run by volunteers. Most branches have kennels with retired greyhounds that the public can meet and that are available for rehoming. A full list of our branches and contact names can be found on our website:

The Retired Greyhound Trust's primary objective is to help find homes for retired racing greyhounds. The charity strives for the day when every ex-racing greyhound has a good home.

Each year approximately 9,000 greyhounds retire from racing. In 2002, the Trust found 2,030 homes for greyhounds. This figure has increased progressively and the Trust now finds over 4,000 homes for greyhounds a year (4,120 in 2011).

In 2010 the Trust was proud find its 50,000th home.

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Retired Greyhound Trust

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