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Self Unlimited

Self Unlimited maintains a network of support services for people with learning disabilities from eight regional hubs across the country. We have a skilled and dedicated staff force and over forty years’ practical experience in assisting people to live as independently as possible and to realise their full potential.

We work with local authorities and regulatory bodies to foster partnerships to ensure that we maintain the most appropriate individually tailored services to help each person to make informed choices and to take as much control over their own life as possible. We help each service user to choose where they want to live, with our range of housing giving them plenty of options to suit their individual needs. We also help them to achieve independence in their everyday needs, such as cooking, shopping and budgeting and provide any assistance they require to get out and about. Where possible we will also help service users to set their own goals and if there is something they really enjoy doing, we will provide the training to help them achieve that goal and where appropriate, to find employment. Some people with learning disabilities just need a helping hand and a friendly face to make them feel safe but for those with more complex needs, we offer skilled staff teams that are able to provide assistance round the clock in comfortable surroundings that help to provide as much independence as possible.

Our partnerships with Housing Associations and other organisations ensure that we can respond quickly and flexibly to meet current and anticipated need.

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Self Unlimited

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