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Steve Prescott Foundation

The Steve Prescott Foundation (SPF) is the very proud legacy of Steve Prescott MBE. Steve was diagnosed with a rare abdominal cancer pseudomyxoma peritonei (PMP) in 2006. Steve was a former professional rugby league international who undertook many challenges during his battle with cancer. He set up the SPF in 2007 and is the inspiration to people who support his chosen charities. He passed away in 2013 following pioneering multi visceral transplant surgery.

The donations to the SPF go to support The Christie in Manchester, the Rugby League Benevolent Fund and the SPF Special Causes Fund. The SPF fund allows those hospitals, researchers and surgeons who deal in Psuedomyxoma related conditions and multi visceral transplantation to apply for grants to the Trustees of the SPF who will ensure sure that the money will have a direct and significant effect on people's lives.

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Steve Prescott Foundation

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