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The Lauren Page Trust

Lauren was one of literally thousands of extra special babies born prematurely in the UK every year. Thankfully, due to the dedication and expertise of the medical teams who look after these tiny babies, many of them, against all the odds, survive and grow into beautiful children. Unfortunately some like Lauren, despite fighting in many cases for months, lose their battle for life. This charity has been formed in memory of Lauren and all the other brave babies in the hope that money raised can offer further support and hope to not only the babies but also their parents and the medical teams looking after them.

The Lauren Page Trust is a charity set up to raise money to further the work of Consultant Obstetric Physicians who deal with women who have serious health problems during pregnancy often resulting in premature births. Also, supporting the work of Special Care Baby Units within the Greater London area in the form of research, specialist staff and equipment.

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The Lauren Page Trust

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