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The Victoria Foundation

The Victoria Foundation was created in 2007 from the proceeds of the sale of the New Victoria Hospital in Kingston, Surrey. The charity is building on this wonderful legacy and is helping to improve many lives by providing life enhancing medical assistance to those in need. We focus our support in the following areas:

  • Mobility Equipment and Voice Output Communication Aids (VOCAs)– helping disabled children to lead an independent life.
  • Accessible Transport Vehicles – helping ensure the elderly and infirm are not isolated at home.
  • Bursaries and Toolkit Grants – supporting the future generation of doctors.
  • Medical Treatment - where the NHS is unable to or where a PCT feels it cannot.

    We also provide support outside of these areas. We are able to much of the work we do through the donations we receive. 100% of the donations we receive help to improve lives and are not used to cover our administration and running costs. Charity Registration Number 292 841

    Call: 020 8332 1792

  • The Victoria Foundation

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