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Treloar Trust

The Treloar Trust was founded in 1906 by Sir William Purdie Treloar while he was Lord Mayor of the City of London. It now supports Treloar School (for pupils 9-16) and Treloar College (further education for students 16+). Both School and College are specialists in providing education, care, therapy, medical support, independence training and opportunities for young people with physical disabilities from all over the UK.

Treloar's students have complex and sometimes multiple physical disabilities. They may also have a communication, or sensory impairment or associated learning difficulties. Over 40 disabilities are represented at Treloar's - the most common are cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy. As the largest non-maintained specialist provision of its kind in the UK, Treloar's relies on public support to sustain the level of care students receive. Each year, Treloar's must raise £1.5 million just to survive.

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Treloar Trust

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