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Written by Holly 30 August 2018

Trek the Rockies Trek the Rockies


Hey Adventurers,
We’ve got some exciting news!
Our freshly-sourced, jam-packed, shiny new brochure is almost ready to reveal! And you can put your name down to be the first to feast your eyes on a mecca of adventures.


Our brochure is being lovingly created by the DA team of adventurers, packed full of new and exciting challenges for you to delve into.


Hear from our experienced guides and leaders about their favourite trips and their adventure history, as well as getting their invaluable advice on training for trekking and cycling challenges. This brochure really is the go-to for handy tips and tricks to prepare you for the journey ahead, providing expert guidance and the latest info on all things adventure. Who better to hear it from than the ones who’ve created, tried and tested our action-packed challenges?


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 Whether you’re getting itchy feet to go trekking into the wild or you’re eagerly awaiting the next cycling escapade, we’re putting together an adventure bible you’ll want to be in line for.


The brochure is being released in October but you can get your name down to be the first to receive our shiny new brochure as soon as it is ready!


Sign up and we will post your copy of our 2019-2020 DA brochure straight to your door.


Looking for an adventure like NOW? Check out our challenges and thrilling destinations in all corners of the globe in our present brochure. You can still order a copy of our 2018 brochure until October!




Remember to live the adventure.


Over and out!


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