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Do I need insurance?

To participate in any of our overseas challenges you must have suitable travel insurance.

When should I purchase my insurance?

We strongly recommend that you arrange this at the point of booking but certainly within 6 months of the trip departure – if anything happens that ultimately prevents you from taking part in your challenge then you will only be covered if you already have adequate insurance in place. 

What does my insurance need to cover?

You want to ensure it covers you for all of the activities that are included in your chosen challenge (including maximum height for altitude treks) as well as evacuation and repatriation. Look carefully at what cancellation cover is included to ensure you're happy with that: free or very basic insurance packages have limited cover. By and large you really do get what you pay for so ensure you have the cover you want. 

Insurers now regard Covid-19 as a 'known event' so it's important to ensure your policy gives you cover specifically for this. More policies are emerging that include this and as always it's important that you read all the detail and are happy with the level of cover before you purchase it.

I already have travel insurance through my bank, is that acceptable?

You may find you already have travel insurance as part of a bank or credit card package but, as above, you will need to ensure it provides adequate cover for your chosen challenge.

Who do I need to tell once I've bought my insurance?

You will need to enter the details of your cover onto your Passenger Portal, and we also recommend that you leave details with your next of kin while you are on the challenge.

For more information about travel insurance, please click here.

IMPORTANT: Most travel insurance policies will not cover your bicycle. Please make sure you read the small print of your policy carefully to see if it is covered or not. We strongly advise that you make sure your bicycle and any equipment/kit are insured.