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Together, we're re-building Nepal

Written by Steph 08 April 2016


Together, we have donated over £4,500 to our friends in Nepal. Following the devastating earthquakes that struck last April, Discover Adventure made a pledge to donate £150.00 for every booking made on one of our challenges based in Nepal.

Your desire to help and motivation to take on a challenge has helped to raise much needed funds that will now contribute to the purchase of raw materials required to rebuild homes in some of the affected districts.

Our donation will help to fund the raw materials for the rebuild of Nuwakot Bazaar. Nuwakot is set between the sub tropical lowlands and the upper regions of the Himalayas and was severly affected by the earthquake. More than 3000 homes were rendered un-inhabitable following the quake and as a result a huge rebuild effort has begun, spearheaded by Niraj Shrestha.

Niraj is Director of Himalayan Encounters (our Ground Operators based in Nepal) and he has established, 'Support Rural Nepal' , an organisation founded with the sole aim to pull together and support the plan needed to re-build districts such as Nuwakot, and importantly to 'do it right and go one better.'

The construction will be done by the local people and the new houses will include extra rooms to enable them to generate business by operating as homestays during the busy tourist season. They will also be 'eco' homes, ensuring the buildings complement the environment and are sustainable for the future.

We will be sharing any updates from the project as and when we receive them. This country is close to our hearts so thank you for your support and for returning to a country that we love.


Despite the difficulties faced over the last 12 months the country is on the road to recovery and its peaks and parks are open for you to explore and the people are ready to welcome visitors with open arms.

Our March 2016 challengers have recently arrived back from Nepal, having completed their trek to Everest Base Camp. This group we're taken through their challenge by Jo Bradshaw, who goes on from Base Camp to resume her record breaking challenge of the dual climb of Mount Everest and Lhotse. Completion of the challenge will see Jo become the first British woman to have climbed both mountains in succession, but it is not the record breaking title that drives her, it is an inner drive to 'never, ever give up.' A mantra that she uses to both motivate herself and the many people that she guides through expeditions each year.

We are following Jo's progress on this epic challenge and are supporting her all the way. For her latest update check out her 29029ft in 2 boots Facebook page.

The DA community is wishing her a successful and above all safe climb to the summit(s) and we're looking forward to seeing the Discover Adventure logo flying on her flag at 29,029 feet!

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