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Travel Update 2022

Written by Jessica Pitman 08 March 2022

Travel Update 2022

Travel Update 2022

Generally speaking, travel in 2022 is getting easier and more accessible. Entry conditions are changing all the time, mainly for the better. The requirement to test is lessening, and the cost of any required tests is decreasing. It is an incredibly positive outlook that we are excited to build on.

Here at DA, we're thrilled to have sent out some of our core adventures with tremendous success and excellent feedback. The world is open in the new normal, and we're confidently navigating it.

If you are booked on a trip with us, please assume that it is going ahead. We are no longer working on a rolling basis of decision making - we are doing our best to operate as we did pre-pandemic. If anything changes with your trip, for covid related reasons or otherwise, we will be in touch and will continue to keep you informed. Of course, we will monitor the situation in each country closely, as we always have, and safety remains our number one priority, as it always has been.

We are in more regular contact with our challenge groups than we had been throughout the pandemic, and the furlough period, so please keep an eye on your inboxes (and check your junk folders) for updates from us.

We're very excited to be back in the world of adventure and pleased to continue to bring you all along for the journey once again.


Regarding the situation in Ukraine, this is something, like the rest of the world, we are watching in horror. We feel helpless but will continue to explore ways to actively help and support, alongside our colleagues in the travel industry.

None of the trips in our portfolio are impacted. We will continue to monitor this and make any changes should we need to. We understand that this is a developing, and frightening, situation. We are no more informed on what may happen in the coming weeks than you are, but we are happy to chat with anyone who may have concerns about travelling. There have not been any safety warnings or changes in advice for the travel industry or any of the countries we currently travel to.

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