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July 2017 - Discover Adventure

After extensive planning, Discover adventure is very excited to announce that our 2019 open challenge departure dates are now live and awaiting your bookings!

If you are looking to make 2019 extraordinary by meeting new friends, immersing yourself in new cultures, pushing yourself to your limits and raising money for a cause close to your heart this is your opportunity...

“Our Kilimanjaro trip was the adventure of a lifetime, with memories impossible to forget. Dr Phil brought so much joy with his passion for dancing with the porters and Vic kept the smiles on our faces. You don’t come back quite the same person you were when you left!” At Discover Adventure we want you to achieve your ambitions and we’re here for you from the get go! "- Kat, Mount Kilimanjaro Challenger - 2017

The launch of our 2019 trip dates comes ahead of the publication of our new 2018/19 brochure which will be landing on door-steps in January. The brochure will be full to the brim with great-iconic challenges such as Mount Kilimanjaro trek and the Great Wall of China Trek and will be home to a selection of brand new pioneering adventures to cater for those looking for something a little different for their next fundraising challenge experience. You can also look forward to insights and advice from our challenge experts, inspiration and top tips from previous participants, and guidance on how to choose your challenge!

Best of all we are now taking pre-requests for the 2018/19 brochures so if you want to be at the top of the mailing list then order it today!

Why book now for 2018/19?

From years of experience we strongly believe (and advise!) that by booking your challenges well in advance you put yourself in the best possible position to not only complete the challenge successfully but most importantly enjoy yourself! Take your time to build up your confidence, mentally and physically prepare and raise that all important sponsorship. We have tonnes of advice on our website and blog for you to look at to help you do the best that you possibly can in all areas, from how to prepare to tips on gaining your all-important fundraising sponsorship

We know you have it in you, and we are here for you every step on the way to support you from providing training guides, kit lists and tricks of the trade. Book now to begin you journey with plenty of time!

If you have any questions at all or just want to know more about how Discover Adventure operates worldwide charity challenges, please contact us

Wedged between the Himalayas and the tropical plains of India, Nepal is a land of intoxicating natural beauty and spirituality; this is a country with a wealth of experiences to offer! From hiking in the most iconic mountain region in the world, with rugged trails to Everest and the Annapurnas, to strolling through the medieval squares of Kathmandu or spotting tigers and Indian elephants in the southern National parks. Even after the events of the devastating earthquake in 2015, Nepal remains the cultural powerhouse of the Himalayan region. And rightly so! Many people have spent a life time exploring the mountains and the atmospheric towns, and still keep coming back for more. Seek out an adventure here, and it will most certainly not be your last.


From the dunes of the Sahara to the peaks of the high Atlas Mountains, Morocco is the doorway into Africa, and one of boundless diversity. With ancient cities, rugged coastlines, waterfalls, and the endless desert of the Sahara Morocco is a melting pot for adventure. It has woven itself into the fabric of Africa and the Middle East, yet there remains strong European undercurrents, essences of its colonial past. What results is a heady mix of the exotic and the familiar. Whether you’re wandering through the winding mazes of Fez, drinking tea in a cafe or sitting back setting foot across the open plains of the Sahara, it is sure to be an intense and rewarding experience. Morocco is a country of outstanding beauty, vibrant cultural traditions of hospitality, generosity and openness and is a must visit destination for anyone with a desire for the extraordinary.

An introduction to Tanzania

Tanzania is a land of wilderness and raw beauty: from dusty golden plains to the snowy peaks of Kilimanjaro and Meru and the exotic palm-fringed beaches of Zanzibar, this is truly a country that has it all! Arguably the best safari destination on the continent, Tanzania boasts 15 national parks and numerous game reserves, the Serengeti being the most revered. A nearby visit to the steep walls of Ngorongoro Crater will take you to the world’s most densely concentrated population of African mammals and of course, it is home to the world's highest freestanding mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro - aptly known as the roof of Africa. 

There are over 120 different ethnic groups recognised in the country, yet Tanzania has seen little of the ethnic or religious based conflict that has afflicted other nations. This is in fact an inherently peaceful land which embraces its multiculturalism. All the adventure you could want and in a welcoming package!

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