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East Anglian Air Ambulance

EAAA have been providing a 365 day-a-year lifesaving service working across Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk, for 15 years. Since the charity’s launch in 2000, the dedicated, highly skilled medical crews on our specially equipped helicopters have attended over 16000 missions. The doctor –led emergency care also operates during the hours of darkness and the state of the art EC145T2 helicopter can fly the patient to the most appropriate hospital. The team fly on average 4.7 missions per day with an average of 34 missions per week. Our commitment to providing the best possible level of pre-hospital care at emergences across this region means that our fundraising staff and volunteers are working tirelessly to achieve the income needed to support this. Thank you for supporting our work – together we save lives!

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East Anglian Air Ambulance

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