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Exeter Leukaemia Fund

Leukaemia, lymphoma and other blood conditions are life changing; ELF is here to help you and your loved ones with the support you need through these challenging times. We believe that patients in Devon and across the South West deserve the best care, equipment and research, let’s ensure that we achieve this. Please help us and make a real difference.

Over the years ELF has listened to patients and their loved ones and developed to meet their current and future needs. However, there is still much to achieve and your support will help us to:

  • Deliver Patient Support – delivering comfort and support through counselling, complimentary therapy and craft sessions.
  • Deliver the ELF Physical Well Being Programme – Improving patient treatment and recovery through physical exercise, including physiotherapy and exercise equipment.
  • Provide Specialist Equipment & Environment – providing state of the art equipment, reducing waiting times, allowing home treatment, and increasing comfort for patients.
  • Fund Specialist Research –funding haematological research and nursing and junior doctor specialist training for the benefit of patients.
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    Exeter Leukaemia Fund

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