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Racehorse Rescue Centre

Racehorse Rescue Centre (Reg. Charity No. 1150864) uses rescued ex racehorses to provide free programs for disadvantaged groups in the community run by volunteers. We receive no funding from the racing authority.

They work with the community through its highly motivated volunteer team.

Horses that come to the centre from all over the UK and are given time to go back to their roots and allowed to socialise with the other horses to build up development and confidence. They retrain ex racehorses to their best ability and find new caring homes that will secure their future. They Provide the opportunity to experience handling horses through the Freedom To Ride program with free grooming and supervised or in-hand riding courses for groups and help with trauma, disabilities, injured soldiers, low income families, depression, unemployed, ex offenders and students.

We believe it has a bright future ahead thanks to the hard work the volunteers put in and with the support of the community throughout the UK, we hope to continue to grow with your help.

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Racehorse Rescue Centre

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