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Silkworth Lodge

We offer residential rehabilitation for men and women who are affected by drug and alcohol addiction.

Chemical dependency is particularly prevalent in Jersey. Alcohol consumption is twice that of the UK and one of the highest in Europe. Excessive use of alcohol and drugs places families and relationships under great stress.

Alcohol or drug dependency is a no-blame illness. Nobody sets out to become an alcoholic or drug addict and it is not a problem of morals or will power. It is a very powerful and confusing illness which destroys a person from the inside and also all those surrounding him.

Silkworth Lodge has proven to be a much needed establishment that helps people to come to terms with their addiction and puts them on the road to recovery. We provide a tailor made programme of treatment which helps the client to rebuild these relationships, to regain their self esteem and most of all put them back into society on a new footing.

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Silkworth Lodge

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